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Facts Of China’s Corona Lab, Conspiracy ? 4.O
Being stated at every stage of lockdown that corona virus is emerged from Wuhan City ,China . But is it true ? Either this can be a conspiracy or a mistake done by researchers. Something mysterious was done there at very early time but no one was aware of that ...
Have you ever studied about most common illness in this world ? No. Let’s read them . You will definitely come to know why there are larger number of corona death in this world mainly in India , China , USA , and Italy .  Most common illness in this world are asthma, tuberculosis...
Conspiracy Behind Corona Virus And Lockdown , Read It Loud 2.0
Around 4600 deaths occurred till now but whether death occurred by corona only or by other morbidities , this is the only drama that government is playing with us . Lets begin Conspiracy Behind Corona Virus And Lockdown , Read It Loud 2.0 ICMR changed the criteria for death certificates that whether death is...
Conspiracy behind corona , no one knows , read it Loud /www.themediblogs.com
Corona, one of the most emerging illness in the world that announced to be pandemic soon by WHO in the month of JAN 30 ,2020. But what is the actual truth behind it ? Why government of every country imposing lockdown ? Is the virus danger ? It it causes serious illness ?...
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