How to build up immunity to fight with corona virus

How to build up immunity to fight with corona virus


Themediblogs will not tell you the way to build up the immunity in the the scientific language but in a scientific way . In a normal language if we have to tell you then immunity here means to build up your body with inner power to fight with infection going to be in future . As this is the way to protect your body from being sick. So read the ways you can build up self immunity and can fight with viruses , bacteria or others. 


#How to build up immunity to fight with corona virus 
#Diet plan to increase immunity

Low fats and plant based diet may help you to build up a strong immune system . But Vegetarians always found to have strong immune system than non vegetarian because of plant based diets with vitamins and low fats . 

Researches have shown that low fat diet helps to strengthen the white blood cells but food containing high fats impair white blood cells to regulate their functions and thus decrease the capability to fight with harmful microorganism . But those humans found to be more sick and more prone to have viral infection like influenza . 

Therefore a proper diet plays a important role for the immune system . 

For proper diet ,a person should start taking fruits , green salads but less intake of milk and dairy products . fibre diet should always be there like cucumber etc. 

Vitamins , Minerals and Antioxidants 

As studies have shown that fruits and vegetables provide nutrients like beta carotene , vitamin C , vitamin E , vitamin A which help to build up immune system .

But there is a very important factor which is known as anti oxidants which helps to reduce the oxidative stress and decreases the harmful products form in our body during energy production. So this factor is also present in the vegetarian diet . It acts with vitamins . 

Beta carotene is a strong anti oxidant which helps to reduce the inflammation and decreases the inflammatory products . But it acts like anti inflammatory fighter in our body . This is mostly found in carrot , sweet potato , and green leafy vegetables .

Vitamin C and E also acts like anti oxidants . But they help to reduce the free radicals formed in our body. On the other side , skin diseases , eyes related issues, hair problem or many others factors are also resolved by building up a proper level of vitamins in our body .

Vitamin D may reduce the risk of viral infection . But it also help to prevent from cardiovascular diseases , respiratory tract infection like tuberculosis . Vitamin D is found in fortified cereals , milk and healthy as early morning sunshine. 


#sleep increase your immunity

Sound sleep is directly proportional to calm and peaceful mind . But our body need sleep to rest and recharge  . Most problems like heart related diseases , Alzheimer’s, dementia , migraine , is linked with inadequate sleep . 

One study found that one who sleeps fewer than 5 hours per night are more likely to suffer from cold than who sleep more .But healthy person need 6 to 8 hours sound sleep. 

According to mythology , person Should sleep before 10 pm and  wake up early by 4 am in the morning . But because of all these busy and rusty life, people have to work overnight and many more .

But at last,  a stage  come when a person actually realize that he has to live for him and for his family . And actually this is the truth . So why there is need to hurt yourself ?  

TheMediBlogs want to say that person should do each and every work he wants but it should not be against humanity .

Factors which decrease Immunity 

1. Alcohol 

2. smoking 

3. fatty diets 

4. heavy weight 

5. polluted environment 

6. Low nutrition diet 

7. Less sleep 

8. Genetic factors 

9. Abuse of drugs

10. Poor livelihood

And many more . 

Factors which Increase Immunity 

If a person is able to remove all his or her bad habits then no one can stop him or her to build a strong immune system .But exercise should be done daily early morning . Aerobic exercise is the  best to build a immune system like –

1. Cycling 

2. Sports 

3. Brisk walking 

4. Running 

5. Athletics 

6. Swimming  etc. 

If a person want to build up a strong immune system then it is possible . But he or she can easily fight with corona virus . So stay tune with TheMediBlogs.

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