Facts Of China’s Corona Lab, Conspiracy ? 4.0

Facts Of China’s Corona Lab, Conspiracy ? 4.O

Being stated at every stage of lockdown that corona virus is emerged from Wuhan City ,China . But is it true ? Either this can be a conspiracy or a mistake done by researchers. Something mysterious was done there at very early time but no one was aware of that ,What can be the reason behind that ? Let’s join us to read some valuable facts .

Mysterious Corona Death 

Facts Of China’s Corona Lab, Conspiracy 4.0 - www.themediblogs.com

 Dr. Li Wenliang 

ophthalmologist at Wuhan central hospital was the first person in China who observed the same symptoms like SARS-CoV . Date was December 30, 2019. He got alert at once and spread this message to volunteers or his fellow doctors that something Hilarious came which was showing the symptoms of severe acute respiratory syndrome.

He encouraged them and other people to be protected and safe , but suddenly a summon was sent to him . They forced him to sign the statement for making false information and disturbing the public . Then a mysterious death occurred at feb 7, 2020. He was Dr. Li Wenliang and Cause of death was SARS-CoV2 virus . Was this a natural death ? Still it is a Question

Doctors’ death outraged the China’s people . They criticized the Wuhan medical officials for the initial response . Before death , Dr. Li said that “if the officials had disclosed information about the epidemic earlier I think it would have been a lot better” in a interview with The New York Times . “There should be more openness and transparency “, he said.

Origin Of nCo-V19 virus From Wuhan ?

Xiao Botao , the Chinese researcher

 Xiao Botao , the Chinese researcher who tried to find out the details behind the origin of corona virus . He and his team  joined each and every clue they got . At last he found out that wet  sea food was not the place where virus could emerged because  there were no bat colonies carrying CoVZC45 , present within 900 km of the sea food market .

He further told that those species mainly found in Yunnan or Zhejiang province . Further they told that they talked to colony’s people and none of them testified of bat being sold in that sea food market .At last their team found out two laboratories, 280 meters from the wuhan sea food market . They had caged animals with bats too .

This lab was the Wuhan Centre for Diseases Control and Prevention where numbers of housing animals were placed for experimental research.Surgery was done on those animals with bats too and collected samples for DNA and RNA extraction . Result were unbelievable.

Sample were tested to be positive with pathogen . As this lab was only 280 m from sea food market and attached to Union hospital  therefore it was cleared that why first group of doctors from this hospital were tested positive from corona virus . Virus then leaked from there to other places and became pandemic .

Dr. Shi Zhengli – Corona Origin From Bat ?

Dr. Shi Zhengli / www.themediblogs.com

 Dr. Shi Zhengli , who was doing research from a long time found out the root of corona virus . Shi says “We thought may be bats had nothing to do with SARS”. As Dr. Shi was doing work on it , ordered to left all the work and focused to find the root cause . There was no guarantee that bats could have emergence for corona virus . “What did we have to lose?” She says . Antibody found in the bats species ‘horseshoe’. It could be a seasonal or chance factor but antibody could last for months to years . This was the turning point of their project when she alarmed and called team to work on it .

Dr Shi checked her all reports on bats and compared with the genomic strain they got from horseshoe species . It was all different strain but nearly 97 percent matched with one in Guangdong.“I had not slept a wink for days.” She told on January 7, 2020 , Wuhan team determined that new virus was the indeed cause of the disease those patients suffered . 

Questionable Hidden facts – China 

Questionable Hidden facts - China 

As it was already a alarmed sign for the China and they had known about the cross spreading of the virus . Then why China gave false information to WHO that human to human transmissions is not there ? This was ridiculous that China could stop the virus before it became pandemic . China’s corona patient graph was growing at a high rate, but they did this to stabilize it at 83,000 with around 4600 deaths because, according to the information, vaccines are being prepared and are on trial to date.

1. On the date 18 April 2020, death reported were 4632 in China from corona virus and total cases were 82,719.

2. On the date 31 may , 2020 ,death reported were 4634 in China from corona virus and total cases were 83,001 .

If we compare Both the data , we came to conclusion that only 2 deaths reported so far in 44 days . Then we can check out the mortality rate from China’s data itself which is public and it is far less than common diseases like influenza , Dengue , Diabetes , Obesity ,COPD , Tuberculosis and many more . So Don’t you think Chinese media had shown this virus more dangerous than common cold flu . Truth is all in front of us .


We read about the infectious rate , mortality rate and nature of corona virus . This is a simple virus beside the patient has some serious comorbidites. Don’t believe on the media . Read the facts . Conspiracy was written & well scripted. It is present in front of us in the super dialogues. But the truth is hide behind that curtain . Aside it and just focus . Outlook of truth is all yours . 

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  1. I think chinese government is a big part of this conspiracy. They are not only hiding the facts but put danger on humanity. If this virus was controlled in wuhan then it would never be a pandemic. This blog did a great job highlighting the true facts that most of the people are not aware of. Great job✌


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