Conspiracy Behind Corona Virus And Lockdown , Read It Loud 2.0

Conspiracy Behind Corona Virus And Lockdown , Read It Loud 2.0

Around 4600 deaths occurred till now but whether death occurred by corona only or by other morbidities , this is the only drama that government is playing with us . Lets begin Conspiracy Behind Corona Virus And Lockdown , Read It Loud 2.0

ICMR changed the criteria for death certificates that whether death is due to pulmonary pneumonia , ARDS , cardiac injuries or due to clot formation will be considered as the Corona death .

Unbelievable Facts Behind Numbers :

Around 1.5 lakhs people die every year in India with pneumonia . If it will occur this year in the same way then exponential growth will seem to occur due to corona virus as per guidelines of ICMR, India . 

Why there are around 1.5 lakhs cases in India , or high number of cases in USA , Italy ? It is because of RT-PCR kit they use . RT-PCR machine is still under emergency  Observation mean unapproved . FDA already had written this. Then question rises here why this machine is still in use ?

Some Facts Of RT-PCR

 Using this machine , we have done around 2 crore test globally. And as you should know that Positive and negative values are highly dependent on prevalence of the diseases . RT-PCR works on this facts that 

1. False negative test more likely to occur when prevalence is high .

2. False positive result shows when prevalence is moderate or low .

3. Detection of RNA has no mean with the infectious state of virus .

4. Monitoring the machine isn’t done for the purpose of treatment of nCoV infection.

So please remember , if any country or like India has around 1.5 lakhs corona cases that has no mean that those person are ill or in virus infectious state with corona .

Reason Behind Forcing The Numbers By Government 

Singapore report says that virus could have enter around 14 percent people of this world . It does not mean that  those people are ill or infectious . It is only related to number of corona cases that RT-PCR machine detect .

Why government is creating so much noice for corona virus? Why media again and again repeating the same thing whole day ?  It is because panic create the fear and fear brings the business . This is all the business model for China and USA . 

 Changes In Guidelines 

USA had enormous benefit from this corona from past 3 months . Facts behind this is that CDC changed the corona guidelines around few weeks back in USA and ICMR changed same guidelines around few days back in INDIA. Now it was , that any of diseases occurs just because of respiratory problem or heart injury then doctors would write up  as Corona death without finding the actual cause of death . So number of death shown in any country  like USA, India is a misleading thing . It is not the actual fact of corona patient .

Proud Moment For Madagascar 

Madagascar , a poor city in Africa , offered by WHO for treatment with medicines but Madagascar disapproved the order and adopted their own traditional culture of treatment and they cured the people completely . It was a return for WHO but India did exactly opposite to it . India from very starting is following WHO orders , plans and now , Health Minister Dr Harshvardhan is the chairman of WHO representing India .Can you imagine at what level this game is playing on ?

Lockdown Facts And It’s Truth

Lockdown what it was in India , it was no where else . No strict plans were there in any country that people even were not allowed for jogging or walking , not allowed to go their home . Poor people were beaten. 

You may think of China ‘s lockdown for a while but I will try to clear this fact that China’s complete lockdown was only for 7 days . All shops were open , people were allowed to buy things but with proper mask . This was the only need there . 

Failure Of Lockdown

Plan of India for lockdown was to keep the numbers to be minimum so that country can run again in a short while . But somehow leaders and corrupted peoples had known it before that numbers will rise up for sure as per their machines RT-PCR . Even then lockdown was increased at every slot . Today around 1.5 lakhs cases are there . Then what we got from lockdown ? Don’t think now that why number of cases are increasing then ?

Remember , the number of cases are already around 14 crores which was estimated by Singapore , which is the 14 percent globally but it does not mean that  people will be infectious or die. Number of cases will increase for sure because of virus and machine RT-PCR but does not relate the number of actual death with corona . According to the guidelines of ICMR which says that whether a patient die because of either  breathlessness , heart injury or pneumonia will be consider as Corona death . 

Game  Of  Numbers 

People should not fear with number of cases and death with corona. This is what government  want to show you . You should know that every year  2 to 6 lakhs patients die with influenza like illness in Italy , USA . But it never became a global issue .

Game  Of  Numbers ,Conspiracy Behind Corona Virus And Lockdown , Read It Loud 2.0

But at this time , even if a single patient die then it becomes a media report and more fearful for the rest of people . It is all a misleading dogma which say that without questioning , just accept because it is what the government want from you . 

Comparison With Other Illness 

I want you all to know about the fact of  tuberculosis and dengue  . TB and dengue is more infectious than corona . A doctor of TB , dengue , generally not wear mask or PPE kit . Even then , doctor does not fall ill at all . If that can be possible then why there is so much hilarious situations are being created  in the today’s hospital for the concern of corona virus?

Media And Government 

Duty of the government is to help the poor people , to give them the knowledge what best they can to protect themselves from diseases . Same is for media . But matter is all opposite . Both media and government are doing such a ruthless things . Media is continuously telling about the corona cases whole day . Why ? Is this the way media help the poor people ? Why numbers are to be disclose hastily ? Don’t think for the spread of awareness in the people .

It is a business of fear and maximum people at this time are so much feared that they even don’t want to move out of their home for their earning . Poor people are dying because of hunger . They don’t have a single penny left for their food . They don’t have any option what to do or not for their children nutrition.

Government has banned the workers to do work , closed all the small shops and even once stopped the farmers to do work in their own field . Peoples are not allowed to go their own home . What is this ? Is India educated or not ? Whatever the government say , people blindly accept it . 

Purpose Of Lockdown 

Purpose of lockdown is not the one which ordinary people thinking off . This is the planned business scheduled with USA , China and WHO.  USA earned too much in this lockdown within 3 months and even China with  their pharmaceutical business . 

Purpose Of Lockdown , Conspiracy Behind Corona Virus And Lockdown , Read It Loud 2.0

So there is so much rush with corona and lockdown. Corona was not the big diseases which would need lockdown for the whole world . It is the dilemma that is being created with the country leaders . You all whoever reading this, please share this knowledge with your close ones . Understand them . 

D.I.P Diet – Cure Yourself From Corona Virus

If you want to cure yourself from corona virus then use this  D.I.P diet

Please use it and share with others 

D.I.P Diet - Cure Yourself From Corona Virus

1. Till afternoon , take 3 to 4 types fruits , weight * 10 grams 

2. For Lunch and dinner ,there should be 2 plates . One with 3-4 types raw vegetables ( weight *5 grams ) and second plate with your usual diet you take . But remember , the first plate will be take first , then second to be continue .

3. Use juice if you want in a day.

4. Avoid products formed from animals and factories 


Always remember , diseases is never a big Problem but mind. So , don’t believe over media but believe on the facts . Use your best time in reading books and seeing the actual facts which is good for your health . So stay tuned with us . 

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