Conspiracy behind corona , no one knows , read it Loud 

Conspiracy behind corona , no one knows , read it Loud /
#Conspiracy behind corona , no one knows , read it Loud 

Corona, one of the most emerging illness in the world that announced to be pandemic soon by WHO in the month of JAN 30 ,2020. But what is the actual truth behind it ? Why government of every country imposing lockdown ?

Is the virus danger ? It it causes serious illness ? You will come to know about these facts soon.


Virus started paddling in the wuhan , China . At first , no country was on alert because of the virus infection . But soon , it Encountered so many people in the China itself which resulted in set in alert for all the countries . According to information conveyed to WHO by Chinese authorities on 11 and 12 January, 41 cases with novel coronavirus infection had been preliminarily diagnosed in Wuhan City. Of the 41 cases reported, seven were severely ill. This was when the one death was reported, in a patient with other underlying health conditions. Six patients had been discharged from hospital. Symptom onset of the 41 confirmed nCoV cases ranged from 8 December 2019 to 2 January 2020. No additional cases had been detected since 3 January 2020. This was all which alarmed the world for danger to come .

What people think of it ?

Some groups of people think it like a bio weapon which was used by China. On the other hand , some thinks it like a most danger virus ever came to the world . But before print it in your mind , I would like to clear you some of your doubts . Most danger virus ever emerged  was Spanish  flu around 1918 which took around 10 crores death . 

 Deadliest viruses came on earth are:

  • Spanish flu 1918
  • Rabies virus in 1920
  • Dengue virus 1950
  • Marburg virus in 1967 
  • Ebola virus in 1976 
  • HIV virus 1980
  • Hanta virus 1993
  • Rota virus 2002
  • Corona Virus 2020

The Conspiracy behind CORONA 

What is the actual definition of pandemic ? All facts are hidden it it . Till  may 2009 , WHO used this definition with this  meaning that If number of death occurred every year became  minimum 4 times and maximum 30 times  then only disease can said to be pandemic . But after that WHO changed his definition and said that if any virus is capable of transmission all around the world then it would be alarmed as pandemic . ( Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chaudhary facts ). Now this definition has no relation with the mortality and morbidity. 

Second most important fact which you will surprise to know about it is that death prediction was already done by WHO before the virus took over the whole world .

Realty came to be different . Why ? This was all because of setting fear in the mind of people . Fear brings money and money brings government tightly on the chair .

The same game played for this. If I tell you the data according to death prediction , you will be shocked .

Death prediction ( till date )
S. no.CountryWHO (Min.)WHO (Max.)Reality
1India23,7580360,96,359~ 3500

Each and every person of this world is being politically handled and no one want to know the truth . In 2016,  medical companies did business in India with the money power of 1556 trillion . And 10 percent medicine business is in India and 65 percent is in China . Means business of the medicines is far from Indian own economy . So you can easily know the facts that what is going on with these  virus’s business from long time ago . 

What the actual Corona is ?

Mortality rate of influenza is 0.1 percent and for the dengue, it is  is 2 -5 percent if severe otherwise it is less than 1 percent . mortality rate for tuberculosis is 6-7 percent . To doctors , readers and influencer , if you have read about mortality facts then it will be surprising for you because mortality rate for Corona virus is around 0.0001 percent only .  You yourself can predict the number of death per number of cases at current time . Isn’t a conspiracy ? Isn’t  a played game for political drama ?

Cure yourself at home only within a week (D.I.P Diet)

  1. Start taking liquid diet on day 1 as citrus fruit and coconut water with the ratio of Weight  of the patient divided by 10
  2. Start taking fluid on day 2 as citrus juice and coconut water with ratio of weight of patient weight divided by 20 and cucumber , tomato along with it ( weight *5)
  3. All along above , also take cooked food on day 3rd and repeat the cycle 

Patient will cure itself after boosting immunity and will be able to survive on its own .

Facts behind Corona Death 

The number of death mostly occur because of uneasy environment provided to a corona patient . A closed room without natural air and sunlight will result in decreasing the immunity of the patient . Capability of patient to fight corona decreases with time . And secondly , the medicine which given to the patients were anti malarial , antibiotics and anti HIV . The facts behind medicine is that these medicines causes QT prolongation which slow down your heart rate and causes heart failure. Antibiotics itself decrease the immunity because it kills the bio organism or probiotics in our body . It suppress the immune system and make it weak to fight the pathogen . This all results in death of the patient . 

PPE kits used by doctors and masks used by all the patient become so infected with dust particles that if once inhale the air , it also goes in our body . Chances to become ill increases , not decreases . 

So with this article , I only want you all to know about the facts and take it easy for Corona spread . It is far weaker than your common cold . So , only know about facts rather than to believe on media . So stay tuned with us for our next blog . 

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