Conspiracy Behind Corona Death , Read It Loud 3.O


Have you ever studied about most common illness in this world ? No. Let’s read them . You will definitely come to know why there are larger number of corona death in this world mainly in India , China , USA , and Italy . 

Most common illness in this world are asthma, tuberculosis , hypertension and diabetes . These are the major problem for world’s death from long time ago . Here is the data for those illness . Read and compare them .

Countries Diabetes Hypertension Asthma Tuberculosis
India 62 millions12.9 %1.31 billion2.690 million
USA 34.2 millions103 million>25 million2.8/1 lakhs
Italy 3 millions30.8 %38 %6.5/1 lakhs
China 109.6 millions270 millions30 million184/1 lakhs
Conspiracy Behind Corona , Facts Behind Corona Death  , Read It Loud  3.O /

Comorbidites determines who will develop a severe version of illness and who will not . All are functional with the change in climate . So the above illness clearly define that if having the symptoms of flu , cough and fever , like in corona cases , person is more prone having serious illness if already having above diseases .

Reports To define The Corona Death With Comorbidites 

German COVID-19 autopsy data show Thromboembolism, “heavy lungs”. Reports clears sparkles on the facts that death commonly occurred because of thromboembolism . They took 12 patients with median age of 73 years and did autopsies along with CT scan , histology and virology. After postpartum and all those facts , they concluded that all had at least one per- existing chronic illness like obesity , diabetes , COPD , asthma or CAD with many more . Thrombus in the deep vein of 4 of 12 patients was the cause of death which was supposed to be reported as COVID-19  as per guidelines of WHO.

Italy where lakhs of people died because of corona virus . Data was said to be announced by WHO because it says that whosoever die with pulmonary illness , heart injury must be reported Corona death without any further testing . But Italy recently did the postpartum and they found out unbelievable facts . 80 percent of population died not because of corona but other comorbidites. This astound the world because what suppose to come was wrong .

Facts of corona virus lethality

Conspiracy Behind Corona , Facts Behind Corona Death  , Read It Loud  3.O /

What can be the big achievement other than Italy ? It is being repeated  again and again that corona virus is not dangerous . It is very less infectious even than common cold flu. Corona virus is the family of influenza like illness diseases which was already present in this world before . Only difference is that this is a new type which has different RNA . Consider to be difficult to cure is the worst thing we can think of . Actually it has the same potency as other virus . But this is printed in our mind  that it can cause severe illness but it is not true . 

WHO Relationship With USA And China

Conspiracy Behind Corona , Facts Behind Corona Death  , Read It Loud  3.O /

As per said by Donald Trump , date 30 may , 2020 that ‘China has total control over world health organization despite being pay only 40 million dollars per year compare to what United States has been paying which is approximately 450 millions dollars a year …………… Because they failed to “ requested and greatly needed reformswe will be today terminating our relationship with the world health organization and redirecting those funds to world wide and reserving urgent global public health needs . China raided our factories , off-shored our jobs ……. China violated their commitment under the world trade organization.  ………. .’ Listen more from  the clip below what said Donald Trump .

Famous Personalities Cured From D.I.P diet 

1. Dr. Harish Batra who is MBBS/MD doctor , running hospital in Faridabad . He was suffering from BP , Sugar and Heart problem from a long time . Now he is healthy at present . 

2. Mr Bill Clinton former US president who had heart problem and used stent before , followed D.I.P diet and now he is healthy .

3. Nurse Michelle , USA cured from heart disease on a plant based diet only .

4. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn who is MD and best authors in new York selling time of prevent and reverse heart diseases nutritional based cure 

And there are many more .

Links between WHO, India And Corona 

As you know that ICMR and CDC guidelines are so alike that they repeat what WHO tell them . But today USA end up the relationship with WHO because of conflicts between WHO , China and USA. But India is still following the WHO guidelines . India’s health minister Dr. Harshvardhan is the chairman of WHO representing India . So ICMR repeats the same . 

But matter to think over it is that why India is following WHO guidelines ?

Why pneumonia patients , heart injury patients are considered to be Corona positive if they are having the other comorbidites ?

Why tests are to be neglected ?

Facts Behind Corona Death  , Read It Loud  3.O /

Did you think why tests are to be neglected and postpartum is not being done after death of patient in corona  ? This is all mystery which no one want to disclose . Today , India’s daily corona patient numbers are from 500 to 5000. But in actual , all are not from corona virus . There are secondary illness also like pneumonia , diabetes , heart problem , ARDS , CAD , COPD , tuberculosis , obesity and many more in those corona patients . Why those diseases are not being considered ?

1. RT-PCR machines which is being used not approved by FDA till now .

2. WHO giving improper guidelines for corona patient to ICMR , CDC

3. Unproven medicines are being run like Anti malarial , Anti HIV which are causing heart problem and down regulating the immune system .

4. Suddenly USA end-up the relationship with WHO due to conflicts with China .

5 . India’s health minister appointed to be the chairman of WHO.

6. Lockdown is being extended at every step to stop corona virus spread  but corona cases are still above 1.7 lakhs in India . 

Just think over it again and again . Read and focus at above facts . If corona virus is very less infectious even than our common cold flu then why world is being targeted to behave like poppets ?

Conspiracy Behind Corona , Facts Behind Corona Death

Tanzania is the country who abolished the WHO guidelines and did not allow the lockdown and wearing mask. whole country opened till now from very initial . No rules are there for corona virus . Only 21 corona deaths reported till now from Tanzania. This is what each and every country must follow . 

We the team “themediblogs” trying our best to give knowledge to the world that corona virus is not the dangerous one. We should not afraid of it like something devil came here . This is the normal virus . Read the facts and believe on facts but don’t ever believe on the national or international media for medical knowledge . Those are not medicos . 

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  1. We should not believe the national or international media for medical facts. They just hype the corona virus. It is true that something is going with china ..hiding many facts. This blogs actually is good for telling the conspiracy…totally agree . Everyone opts for some political agenda through this virus.


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