About Us

Know About Me

Hey there! I’m Doctor Pankaj greet you to “themediblogs” .I am starting this blog because when I got accepted to medical college,at that time , I was so excited about the new medical things , new ideas and new researches which I wanted it to show to budding doctors and the world. I want to document my journey and make the path to becoming a doctor less intimidating. Now the medical blogging community is HUGE and has encouraged so many people to go into medicine that might have been intimidated at first. Advice I can give to EVERYONE who asks me about med school is take every piece of advice with a grain of salt. There truly is no universal study method or path to becoming a doctor. To read more on my experience , my med blogs and treasures of science , then follow me.

Why social media blogging is so influencing at this time that everyone is using it ? The reason behind it is very simple because it is one’s own ideas and theories the person think about . So I decided to start my journey with blogging and I will be happy to the world if they appreciate my researches , theories and the ideas.


I love traveling (don’t we all). I also am very passionate about to know the inner values of this world . Once I travelled to Kashmir valley in year 2017 and you will surprise that there is science and new ideas at every step . Only matter is to slow down your breathing and hold on. You will feel that something is actually happening which we can’t fell at usual places.

My Passion and Hobby

I honestly think to be part of the reason I love neuroscience so much is because I have been sewing since I can remember. I love using my mind and designing things– and I love even more that this is an art that you can wear and it reflects the state of your body and mind . I actually connected to neuroscience because of my own mind . It never feels bore because every time it creates something new . Like , I stared using blogger , isn’t it .

For most doctors, writing a blog is not part of their job description. After all, they are actually born to cure the patients with healthcare needs rather than to start a blog. In addition, doctors may also not have the spare time to research interesting topics that would catch their target audience’s attention. What is the really point of writing a blog?

Here’s why:

The importance of starting a medical blog is to show to your patients , potential patients , doctors and the world that you are an expert in your field. A blog can differentiate your practice from any healthcare organization in your area. Your medical blog will be a platform where you can tell your story to your audience as well as raise awareness about the current diseases scenario . You can use medical blogging as a way to inform your patients of the services you offer and excite them of what is ahead in the medical field. 

Nevertheless, writing a blog can be useful to your practice And one of the most important thing is that you want it and you want to show this world that you were born to show magic in the field of science .

It is not easy to start a blog. You may be discourage to write one because there is a lot of groundwork to work on. However, don’t lose hope. If you want it , If you want to do it then only think about yourself. Start writing and write and write . One day , your hand itself will work on it . Like , I am doing it , isn’t it .

Contrary to what most people think, writing a blog is not a walk in the park. It’s not just plain writing. You need to do a lot of research, editing and image sourcing before your article becomes ready for publishing. But aside from that, you also need to learn a few extra skills for your blog to be properly published. Knowledge in platforms such as Tumblr or WordPress may also be needed as these are the most common tools used for healthcare blogs to be available online. The process can be tedious at times but you have to think of the benefits it might bring to your practice in the long run.

Choose your Audience

Actually , if I have to tell you all , why I started using blogger with the tittle “themediblogs” . The reason is that I actually love science . It is my passion to explore the new things and I think , can’t get good place rather than medical science . So I just jumped into it and met you all .

Focus on providing quality content

As I am starting this , at first it will be difficult for me to reach my audience what you actually want . But I assure you all , I will try my best. If I have to reach my potential patients and doctors , then I need to work on my content. I have so much to do for you all . I have so much to tell , so much to explore this world with my mind . So stay tuned and join us .