Energy heals the body : Facts behind hidden energy

Energy heals the body : Facts behind hidden energy

Something is somewhere which is hidden . It seems to be alive , shows its presence but can’t express in the words. We can feel it , we can take it into our body , we can hold it but not with our hands . It is something like almighty and omnipresent whom we all pray but no one has seen .

Power of positivity 

#Power of positivity 
#Energy heals the body : Facts behind hidden energy

It matters what you think what you speak and what you do. It matters what you do at early morning , what you do in afternoon and what you do in evening. Everyone is linked with each and every person and object . Power of positivity affects your behavior , your affirmation, your determination, your happiness, your body language as well as your nature . It makes clear your vision about the world . It helps you to create a new things and build up a new world.  Self confidence make you powerful and leads you toward your goal . 

Negative Power

#Negative Power
#Energy heals the body : Facts behind hidden energy

Never think for negative things because this will make you uneasy , unhappy and discomfort with your surrounding people like colleague, friends , family or officials . Never make yourself judge-mental or over confidence about anything . Keep calm and positive . 

It is right that inferior behavior tries to think negative . But with this you will start thinking negative about each and everything which is going on with you like your office work , hospitals staff , colleagues, friends , your family issues , your study , or others . All this will try to trap you in this negative world and you would not be able to come out from this . 

But this is not that much difficult to overcome that situation what your mind tries to tell you at that time . Just a power of positivity make it easy within a seconds . Be confident at that time . Build up and boost up your mind at that much level which will try to think that what’s the most important thing which make you happy . Just go there . Open yours hands and accept that thing with full of happiness . 

Energy that boost up Positivity 

#Energy that boost up Positivity 
#Energy heals the body : Facts behind hidden energy

You can make your life the way you want . “Never accept the things the way they are going on in your life but Accept the things the way you want them in your life” , Dr. Pankaj says . 

Start boosting your energy daily. Tries to get up early in the morning and take morning air . Every morning say these few lines to yourself that 

1. I am the best

2. I am completely ok .

3. I am happy . I am very much happy .

4. I will achieve my dream I,e ( name your dream )

5. I am getting the universal energy 

6. I am healing my body 

7. I am a successful person .

8. I am ………( say the dream word) repeat 3 times .

Repeat these Lines every morning . Laugh a loud and Make yourself free from everyone for a time . Sit calm and do meditation daily for 5 to 10 minutes early morning and evening . Slowly and slowly , day by day you will start feeling energy which will glow your face , enlighten your eyes and makes your words clear and affectionate with the people . People will start loving you and the positive behavior will generate in you .

The way you can solve a big problem 

#The way you can solve a big problem 
#Energy heals the body : Facts behind hidden energy

At first , start visualize the problem you want to solve . Write it down in a piece of paper . Then write down the things why this problem came in your life . Write down who all are linked with this problem . Write down how can you participate to tackle this situation . Just hold on ,  take a deep breath and go on.  This all will make your problem so small that you will find the solution to tackle the situation.

Biggest power of Achievement 

#Biggest power of Achievement
#Energy heals the body : Facts behind hidden energy

The most important thing on this earth is human . Because human can do everything that other creatures on this earth can’t do . So , the biggest power of achievement is humanity . Word is so simple but mean behind it so deep . A female elephant was killed on 4 June 2020 in Kerala by a person who gave a pineapple filled with cracker. Elephant was pregnant . This is what humanity dies . Take love and give love is the biggest sign of the animals .

But human is all opposite. Always remember , we can achieve everything . We can get a bungalow, cars , house , lakhs of subscribers, socials media influence, and many more but we can’t buy happiness and love in the people’s heart . We have to do something for them which is humanity . Never kills humanity because it is the real power of the human world . May be this will not make you realize at this moment but one day you will .

Positive Attitude vs Negative Attitude 

#Energy heals the body : Facts behind hidden energy
#Positive Attitude vs Negative Attitude

Positive attitude attracts the people and negative people makes you away . Real difference is always seen on the social media . If a person showing a video which is showing his helping nature , his good behavior toward people and raising voice for poor people demands , we tries to support those people . It is because that person started showing a positive attitude . Lakhs of people start joining him . This is what said that positive behavior affectionate the people , attract them , and make them feel attached . People start talking about them on their own and a positive atmosphere is created around them .

On the other hand,  negative behavior always make the people away from them . People disrespect them , abuse them for their unkind behavior . Negative attitude has no relations with the wealth . If person is against humanity , not having good behavior for the poor , and not respect older , people start disrespect them . This happen not only in the society but in the family too . 

How to overcome “God gave me all the problem”

#How to overcome “God gave me all the problem”

This is not true that God gave you all the problems . All the people in this world are having so many problems . And those problems are that much important as you think for yours . So never take others light and yours so big . 

Always remember , every problem has 100 of solutions but this needs a silent mind and meditation . Just think for the problem for a while , start thinking reason behind the problems and solutions for each reason . At last make a chain on the paper and join them . You will definitely find a clue for it . 

Remember , problem is not the curse of your life but it is the part of your life . If you can be happy when you not having any problem then you can be happy when you are in problem . This is the matter of thinking what you are doing at that time .

Sleep boost up your Energy

#Sleep boost up your Energy
#Energy heals the body : Facts behind hidden energy

It matters a lot when you sleep , how you sleep and how much hours you  sleep . Sleep is the best medicines for your sadness , pain and unhappiness. 

If you sleep late in the night and get up late in the morning then your mind will not be that much happy and energetic which should be . You will get easily burst up with your work, make you more irritating, and sleepy whole day . If you read some distressful things , bad news, or some incidents then it affects your body and mind. It will not be a sound sleep which will help you to get universal energy . This will add up more sadness in your mind . Always listen some good music , read good things during night and early morning . Don’t be late . Always sleep early at night and get up early in the down .

According to great humans on this earth , right time to sleep is before 10:00 pm and to get up is 04:00 am. 6 to 8 hours of sleep is necessary to get enough energy what a body needs . This will make you happy , energetic , affirmative and self confidence. This will help you to achieve your goal .


#Never judge others before you are confirm about the situation 

Never judge others before you are confirm about the situation . Keep calm . Always work for humanity because Humanity brings love and love brings closeness. Be positive and get good energy always. 

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